79 series rear diff conversion

3. The wheelbase (from midpoint of the front wheel to midpoint of the rear wheel) is 3180 mm in length. Simply split the 2" difference, resulting in a cab-to-box gap that is only 1" wider than factory and rear wheels that are about 1" farther back towards the rear of the wheelwell. G2 Axle and Gear offers a high quality rear disc brake conversion kit that will perform on the most challenging offroad trails or daily driving on the street. Manual to Automatic Conversion to suit a Toyota 76, 78 and 79 Series LandCruiser Using a Genuine Toyota 6 Speed Automatic Included in the Conversion Manufactured by Toyota is the strong, reliable and refined 6 Speed AB60 Automatic Transmission from the 200 Series LandCruiser. When it comes to the 79-93 four cylinder and 79-86 V8 Mustangs, you will need to swap over the factory strut from the 87-93 5. 55-4. 41, 2. 99 Recoil Pull Start Rewind 70-81 Atc110 Atc90 110 90 Us90 Atc Honda 3 Wheeler Atv If you drive a 70 series Landcruiser, our all-new LC70 switch fascia needs to be on top of your accessory wish-list. 73 Ratio in Warranty OEM 2009-2014 Ford Expedition - $219. 10 ratio). 6l 2. This improves stability on sealed roads, soft surfaces and in dry wheel ruts. 4 in (SWB) / 79. (Fits 8/1992-2007 8x/10x Series w/Rear Disc) Part# PBHWKLATE - $32. 8 End For Mustang Top 2009-2014 Ford Expedition Front Differential Carrier 3. Rear Diff Housing. 42 diff in my 54 truck with a . I fitted a rear arb diff lock and the bakkie has 160 000 km on at the time. 5" steel wheels for Ford. Show HD 63-79 Differential Cover This part is not for preventative maintenance. The Jmacx upgraded diff housing also has a engineered certified axle load rating of 2700kg with built in safety margin of 300kgs and this is the most important part don’t be fooled by huge tonne rating numbers on other diff housings if it Feb 27, 2017 · The boys are seen working out how to put a coil suspension system into the rear end of a leaf sprung 79 Series Landcruiser. JMACX - Coil Conversion Kit - Diff and axle upgrade with adjustable arms/bolts and fitting componentry (add coils and shocks). Works very well. 90-and-up gear ratios). This intermediate diff is built in a Ford nine-inch housing and features a power divider to prevent wind-up from the constant 6X6 drive as well as being able to lock up when needed. This rig screams adventure! Detailed Build List Alternator One Wire Conversion Kits; Alternators and Generators Ford 10. 79 $ 75. 79 Series Land cruiser into the Power Curve Performance work shop for a Superior Engineering Coil Conversion and 2" Suspension kit. If you want to speak to one of our diff specialists give us a call 3353 5541 For More Information on the New Dana 60 LandCruiser 70 Series Rear Axel Diff Converions CLICK HERE Superior Engineering has designed a NEW heavy duty, rear coil conversion kit for the 79 Series Toyota Landcruiser. D. Factory diff centre is maintained. The 8. CONTACT. 6l D16 B16 Transmission Bracket 10022-sb. multidrive. The ending month/year means this part Fits vehicles up to but not including September 1973 or vehicles built between January 1, 1963 and August 31, 1973. 67 217620 28 Diff Case (Plain Half) NSS 1 86777-NSS 29 Diff Case (Flanged Half) NSS 1 128980-NSS Ratios 3. View as Grid List. 50 Delivery weight: 2. It has a ring gear that is 3/8 inch smaller than the 12 bolt, but the pinion shaft and pinion bearings are the same as the 12 bolt. 1 X Crown Wheel & Pinion 43X12 REAR  Items 1 - 32 of 100 Front and rear axle housings, axle seals, axle shafts, built housings, c-clips, Longfield LC79 30-Spline Birfield/Axle Super Set, Gun Drilled. 76" rear axle / salisbury / 12 bolt. Power was supplied by either a 351 modified or 400 cubic inch engine. Strange Pro Series II Dual Rear Brake Kit For 1957-1964 Oldsmobile Housing Ends With 2 Pc Slotted Rotors, Four Piston Calipers & Soft Metallic Pads PN : B1700WCD2 $ 1,120. 00 AM to 5. 5" rear axle / 14 bolt. 20 MFG#: J3212192 Mag-Hytec AA14-11. COVID-19 Latest News in Australia! We are still shipping for international orders, but there are extensive delays depending on your location. 1966 : Rear of right hand (passenger) tube; Rear Axle Assembly Codes 1970 and earlier axle code example: ZB 01 01 G E JEGS GM Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit Standard Shock Configuration Non E-Brake. cost him about 5 grand. Larger tyre size divided x standard tyre size 35” divided by 31” = 1. Jun 13, 2017 · This single cab 79 Series Toyota Landcruiser has been fitted with a complete 2 Inch Superior Engineering coil conversion kit featuring top of the range 2″ inch AirBag Man coil helper kit. H&R Replacement Springs are designed for high performance drivers who want the most out of their Contact Us - Contact Us. Home / 6x6 Conversion / TLC 79 6X6 CONVERSION – CHASSIS ONLY Our 6X6 Conversion is designed to counter difficult terrains and unsurmountable off-road conditions while carrying GVM up to 6. See all the gear from the companies Bolt-in rear coil conversion and diff housing – Track correction MDT offer two complete rear axle widening systems. 240sx/Skyline to 350z/370z Diff Conversion Bushings. Australia's leading vehicle conversion specialists. 54 Gears 61 3/4″ wide. 1990's Lincoln came with discs from the factory and will bolt on with slight mods. R33 Skyline Series 1 Radiator When Ordering Ford F Series Truck Leaf Springs Compare Weight Capacities On Chart To Determine What Leaf Spring Would Best Fit Your Requirements. This represents the combined *opinion* of the group and should be used as a guide only, as to what is known/possible with 100 Series, as adjustments, technical tips, and accessories. The diff housing is strengthened and allows a GVM of up to 3. Fitted: Superior Weld in Coil Conversion VSB14 Approved Base Kit with Superior Hyperflex Radius Arms, Tough Dog Adjustable Front & Rear Shocks, Dobinson Coil Springs + Airbag Man 3″ Coil Air Kit VDJ78/9 Coil conversion. 0L applications to adapt these to this chassis. Calculate the Gear Ratio Needed to run a certain 1/4 mile. HZJ79 Double Cab; Specifications; Configuration & Price; Base vehicle; Version Tom's; Version Alu Cab. We offer a wide selection of axle ratios with the availability of fast ratios for better fuel economy and performance. 89 Read more 1344, 3R SERIES – 2003-2006 DODGE FRONT DRIVESHAFT CROSS SERRATED FLANGE YOKE – SKU# 40019801 Upgrade your "X" Series Rampage to the this aluminum gear plate with oversized bearings for longer bearing and gear life. 5” o-axle, rear diff 218 gm® 8. Kit includes: 3020Kg Load Rated Housing; Chrome Moly Axles; High Clearance Plates A Gear Ratio Kit allows you to replace the gears in the diff of your V8 Land Cruiser (VDJ 79 & VDJ 76) The right differential gear ratio, also known as the “final drive ratio”, is perhaps all that is standing between your V8 Land Cruiser and the speed, acceleration, throttle response and fuel economy you are after. In a similar fashion to the centre diff lock described above, front or rear diff locks ensure that the left and right axle shafts (they're the things the wheels are attached to) at that Jase's 79 Series LandCruiser concept build is complete. Will work on 4x2 & 4x4 trucks. Aug 30, 2017 · Vehicle: Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Single Cab (VSC Model) Fitted: Coil Conversion Kit (Stage 4) + PLUS – MDT Tru Tracker Kit. For Toyota Landcruiser HZJ105 HDJ100 Series Diff Rear Side Brg LSD (Fits: Toyota DIFF RATIO FORMULA. 1973 - 1987 Chevrolet Truck Specifications. " The open rear axle only provides power to one rear wheel. Flares As there is an increase in the vehicles track of 70mm per side the tyres will protrude past the mud guards, to overcome this problem the portal axles are supplied with the necessary rubber flare and fixing screw kit on the front. Standard diff ratio's. In theory this will lower the rear end approx. The Cruisematic Conversion from 70 Series manual to automatic, using the Landcruiser 6 speed transmission completely changes the nature of the beast. 5 Rear Differential Cover for 03-12 Dodge Cummins High Output Right Stuff Detailing AFXRD01 Rear Disc Conversion Kit for 10/12 Bolt Non-Staggered Shock. JMACX - 60mm swaybar Conversion Kit V8 Diff. Strongest Axles on the Planet available for Jeep, GM, Ford, Toyota, Dodge, Polaris, CanAm, Yamaha, Rockwell and more. 00. Welcome to Jmacx Australia’s leading suspension specialists for the Toyota Landcruiser and innovators of the bolt in coil conversion , we have you covered from leaf to coil suspension with the highest axle load rating in Australia , GVM upgrades from 3900kg to 6000kg and legal lift of up to 4 inches and 35 inch tyres , have a look through our website to find a product that best suits you. the 280zx models equipped with an r180 diff had either 3. Forget the DANA diff conversion, massively over-priced, open centre Mar 13, 2018 · The JMACX Rear track Correction is a heavy duty diff upgrade for the 70 Series VDJ V8 Land cruiser with Leaf Rear suspension. that will take a beating! The standard set up includes: 12 bolt rear end housing with all stock style suspension mounts installed; 3. 79. For these great classic Jaguar models, we offer a wide range of products that will make the conversion process for you a good experience. 78/79 INTRODUCTION. 33-6. Additionally, the 8-inch ring gear found in the 80 Series front axle is only marginally strong Enter the optional Front and Rear diff locks available on some 80 Series (there are also a number of excellent aftermarket front and rear diff locks available). Toyota LandCruiser HZJ79 Double Cab. Now get Superior Braking Performance & Heat Control, Faster & Shorter Stops and Increased Front Brake Life. This track bar bracket is recommended for superior drivability to reduce rear body roll tendencies by The center diff lock switch was standard on 1991/1992 80 Series Land Cruisers. Minimum wheel size is 14". ABP3K They take DB418 pads (mounting bolt spacing 122mm) • 80 series / Prado master cylinder, A/M Part No. The price of this kit is fully fitted and approved by Superior Engineering. The 68-74 Nova chassis is the same as a 67-69 Camaro; the 75-79 Nova chassis is the same as the 70-81 Camaro. I'm using the stock axles. 6”, front or rear The kit will come complete with 9" rear housing (bare housing), front mount,1400 HP rated 33 OR 35 spline diff stubs and true 1400 HP axles along with our full 4" Aluminum Driveshaft or a Carbon Fiber upgrade using a CV in the front and a 1350 rear flange. View Details 5 Aug 2018 Having owned several 70--series Land Cruisers, including a 79, 76 and two 78 troop carriers', I decided to correct the narrow rear axle using a  13 Mar 2018 The JMACX Rear track Correction is a heavy duty diff upgrade for the 70 Series VDJ V8 Land cruiser with Leaf Rear suspension. Speedway 9 Inch Rearend 1310-Series Small Pinion Yoke. 0L V8 platform can utilize these spindles as a simple bolt on. 2 or 81. 73 R&P as most are 3. Includes extra nuts. 111 Rear Diff Fd The rear I have is from a '64-'71 full size. 8 housing mount is made to fit the 79-04 Mustang. Add strength to your rear axle with a new 1979-93 Mustang differential cover & girdle from Late Model Restoration. 9 or 4. SPL,DISC,LSD,FAIRLANE ZJ,LTD FC 82,83,85,86 UTE,FORD 9" CONVERSION. Oct 05, 2005 · r200 - 3. I crown and pinion for rear diff. Universal Weld On 8 Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kit - Rear Only 14 bolt disc conversion brake drum kit pads rotors calipers Description: This is a complete weld on kit to upgrade your rear drum brakes to disc brakes. HZJ79  23 Aug 2019 Introducing the Toyota 79 Series Rambler Edition by TJM. 1330 series – gmc, chevy, dodge rear diff 4-bolt flange yoke – 3. Enter Creative Spridgets DIY rear disc brake conversion! If you opt for used calipers, the total cost of this conversion is around $400, including a pair of CNC-machined aluminum adapters . Free shipping. Code Application Ring Gear And Pinion NL or L Axle Shaft Splines Additional Information; Ratio: Diameter of RG: WGA-A: Lincoln Mark Series '69-'71 Thunderbird '69-70 tlc 79 6x6 conversion- camping package Home / 6x6 Conversion / TLC 79 6X6 CONVERSION- CAMPING PACKAGE Ravon's 6X6 Conversion is designed to counter difficult terrains and unsurmountable off-road conditions while carrying GVM up to 6. 5" Wide-Track Wheel Spacer Kit $ 410. cover. You might need to swap r&p, but i presume a shop will be setting things up if you're putting in an The 79 Series Toyota Landcruiser utes are 5220mm long, 1955 to 1970mm high (depending on the type of model), and 1790mm to 1870mm wide (also dependant on the model). Racecraft 8. 60,354 Heavy Duty Truck Parts View All x Differentials & Differential Parts 742 Axle Housings (Front) 12778 Axle Housings (Rear) 9330 Axle Shafts 741 Axles, Axles, Complete Fronts 7095 Axles, Complete Rears 55 Brake Calipers 54 Brake Drums 215 Complete Axle-Front Rears 349 Complete Axle-Rear Rears 22 Diff Bull Gears 1531 Diff Misc Parts 283 RH Front Inner Axle Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series 2000 On 78 79 Series HZJ78 HZJ79 VDJ76 VDJ78 VDJ79, 43411-60100 $137. The next upgrade was in November 1992, when the 1FZ-FE twin-cam, 24-valve petrol six was introduced. Advance Design Trucks seem to be using rear ends with widths ranging from 58"- 62". - Duration: 1:35. EGR Performance Brakes offers a New Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kits for all Ford Models. 99 Fits Toyota LandCruiser 70, 78 and 79 series (Ute) Genuine Toyota Part. 00 Shop Rear axle, 9 inch for your classic 1965-1973 Mustang at NPDLink. The Trademarked names of vehicles and vehicle manufacturers are used on this website to denote vehicle suitability and for categorization of aftermarket parts only. com. Nov 30, 2018 · The intermediate axle is the special one; it is through driven so has a driveshaft coming out each end of it to cone the transfer case to the rear diff. The 7. Front conversion kit is 3 in. JMACX build a 6x6 conversion kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series and The factory brakes, rear diff and locker do fit in these axles. Rear disc brakes, Power brake boosters, master cylinders, drop spindle kits, disc brake conversion kits, disc brake brackets, brake line kits, brake cables and more. My 79 series was the prototype test bed for the system. XJ6 – 73-79 (Series II) Girling Callipers and 1/2″ Rotors but with Odd dust Cover Tapered roller bearings on Stub axles standard 3. 56 and higher gears ("higher" gears have lower numbers, like 2. The Right Stuff Rear Disc Brake Conversions are made from the highest quality components and materials available. Feb 04, 2005 · Even so, at present the conversion is restricted to four-series cases (3. Toyota Landcruiser 79 series Cab Chassis GVM Upgrade Upgrade your Toyota Landcruiser 76 series from factory 3300kg to 3900kg TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 79 SERIES CAB CHASSIS 03/2007~ - GVM UPGRADE 3900KG & 4200KG: LOVELLS SECOND STAGE OF MANUFACTURE (SSM) Super Strong Front Diff Housings. TeraFlex is a manufacturer of premium suspension systems, body armor, heavy duty axles and performance shocks for the Jeep Wrangler. Meano conversion double cab!! Currently on a 2005 Land Cruiser 79 series Meano conversion double cab. A batch of Series 3 General Service Land Rover's were selected by the Army to be converted into specialist Ceremonial vehicles to undertake wreath carrying and funeral carriage towing duties. JMACX - Airbags - HP5051. Jase's 79 Series LandCruiser concept build is complete. LandCruiser Radius Arm Rear Pivot Bush Kit $ 80. The axle load rating is 3000 kg, which is 700 kg more than the stock 70 series rear axle. Out of stock. In 1994 GM introduced an updated 6. So many threads have been written about this but just to cover the basics, if you are getting a 79-81 rear with disc brakes, make sure you get the parking brake cables, the master cylinder, the prop valve, the brake pedal pushrod to make the conversion easier. 00, $6190. You can get a new panel shipped in and weld that in. 2L Diesel V8 was made available which ran through 1993. Fitted: Superior Coil Conversion 2″ Inch Stage 4 Full Front & Rear Kit + Airbag Man Coil Air Kit Helper. 4130 wishbone with 8. All of these component Innovative Mounts For 96-00 Civic Ek 1. SEDAN, 5 SPEED. 528i. Super Strong Front or Rear Diff Housings Toyota Landcruiser 80 & 100 series VDJ LandCruiser 70 Series - Dana 60 Rear Axle Diff Conversion. 150” O. On the standard model, Land Cruiser's 50/50 split rear seats not only fold flat, they also Up, up and away. 3%, Location: Brooklyn, New York, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 332855134103 Nitro to Electric Brushless Conversion 1/8 Motor Mount With Aluminum Battery Trays For Losi 8ight Buggy 2. Over the years, the MTD 6x6 conversion has evolved into multiple generations. 31 “. 73 BJ70, BJ73, BJ74, HZJ75, HZJ76, HZJ79 -- Prado, 70-series, 75-series, 78-series, 79-series Jul 01, 2020 · The corporate 10 bolt 8. 5 is to remove the cover and inspect the ring gear bolts. 5 10 bolt that was used in the second gen Camaro and Firebird is a very good rear end. From US$59. 25" front axle / ifs / 4wd and awd gm 9. $77. 0 3. 364 or 3. 25″. If you’ve got a Dana 60 with drum brakes, we’ve probably got the disc brake conversion kit you need. Classic Performance Products produces several rear conversion kits for classic full-size Chevrolets, as well as a selection of disc-brake conversion kits for classic Chevy muscle cars. Feb 01, 2000 · The 8. In March 1995, the diesel was given a minor rework and a power increase, up to 96kW. 2-inch axle and uses 11. 80 series front: 1. Any 87-93 factory 5. X Circlip Side Shaft Front Outer HZJ79. 2016-2017 VSC Model; Pre-2016 NON VSC Model; This kit has been developed to improve ride, handling, comfort and offroad capability, while also increasing wheel travel and articulation on your 79 Series 'Cruiser. The Ultimate . A guide to deciphering the rear axle code displayed on the VIN (warranty) tag of your 1973-1979 Ford truck. For more info, phone MDT on (03) 5278 5300 or visit www. To calculate correct ratio - Standard diff size x 12% example - 4. Our focus when designing and manufacturing this fascia was to achieve absolute Original Equipment levels of fit and finish. 79-85 Rx7; 86-91 Rx7; 93-95 Rx7; 90-95 Cosmo; 04-11 Rx8; O-Rings & Seals. Included Apr 26, 2017 · Fortunately, Jmacx came up with a solution to this issue by developing a rear coil spring conversion and upgraded rear axle housing. , as well as the exotic full-floating hubs we use in This came on the 79-later. The factory diff locks can’t be retrofitted and still can’t on the 78/79 Series, because the diff-lockable axle tubess, their internals and half-shafts are unique parts. It includes a new rear diff housing that track corrects the rear tyres to the front, chromoly axles, new rear exhaust, and swaybar. Me im ok mate, ticking along. gm 250mm rear drive module - camaro. 5" diff (e. 67 Feb 01, 2007 · An FJ80 front axle was considered; however, it is 5 inches narrower than the 100 Series rear axle. This product is a full replacement for the rear suspension on a VDJ78 or VDJ79. 00 79 Series LandCruiser Ute. 31 gears with locker optional 61 3/4″ wide. DIFF BREATHER KIT 6 PORT TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 76 78 79 SERIES V8 DIESELS PR6/04RV. 9 (r200 only) ratio was oem in the 2+2 m/t (from 8/79) and 2-seater m/t 'j' model (from 8/79). d. All 78s had 28-spline axles but there are fewer ratios available. Email for details. Model: Year: Availability: Notes: NP-229 : 1981-85&1987-92 : All except J-20 : With A/T only. Other products from Multidrive for the Land Cruiser 70 series are a GVM upgrade, rear axle track width correction and chassis (wheelbase) extensions. 60 series axles were low pinion at the front, but of course were bigger. Engine Conversion; Engine Belts. Adding this switch will enable you to lock the center diff in high range. 5mm heavy wall 4140 chromoly outer tubes are added to create the Ultimate Toyota 79 series diff. 99 - $818. 7 kg Tough Toys sells products suitable for many different vehicle makes and models. Order yours today! REAR COIL+DIFF; 63-79 VETTE; DA MED SHARK BITE & VECTOR SERIES Suspension 780-84757 Shark Bite Rear Coilover Conversion Kit with medium springs and Grab, as much 78 as you can, the nose is an easy swap, the rear lights are the hardest, so to speak, you need at least the top half of the rear panel. 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Rear End Covers & Girdles. It has 28 spline axles, but it can be easily upgraded to the 30 spline axles. Racecraft Inc. Using the F-Series brake calipers and rotors requires us to change the E-Series 16-inch tires and wheels to the F-series 17-inchers for clearance. • AXLE DIFF 4X4 FRONT PARTS • AXLE DIFF REAR END PARTS • AXLE SHAFTS REAR DIFF Your Cost $79. 3 Tons. 5" rear Aug 19, 2014 · Mate have a look at the 'Tru Track" bolt on diff extensions from Multidrive Technology in Geelong. 31" 30 spline GU front: 1. Those that have been following the build will be familiar with the work we’ve already done with the 2017 single cab including the stainless steel airbox, snorkel, and that awesome Jmacx rear coil spring conversion. Determining what type of limited-slip rear axle a Ford F-150 has can be accomplished two ways. Adding disc brakes or power brakes really improves the performance. 6032. Description: This 79 Series Toyota Landcruiser has been fitted out with a full rear coil conversion kit and track width correction system by Superior Engineering at the main Burpengary fitting workshop. 5 in; Height: 79. Conversion Kit V8 Diff. MDT’s conversion widens the Land Cruiser’s rear track using a method that is tested, legal and acceptable to private and recreational rigs as well as government and corporate fleets. TeraFlex has been professionally involved with Jeeps since the 1950s, and our experience allows us the ability to make Jeeps perform their best. Apr 10, 2019 · Using the Fox spindle is actually a pretty easy swap over for most Fox owners. The control arm-mounting ears on top of this 7. The following is a general list of rear ends and their dimensions to help narrow the search for a possible candidate to replace the torque tube rear end or just get a better set of gears for highway driving. . $399. I removed it from my 2002 land cruiser 4. Email. Using full width Dana 44 front axles with the full width 31-spline Ford 9 inch rear axle the Bronco was made to handle whatever was thrown at it. Width: 79. The 78-series gear sets are slightly different to 75-series units but if the drive pinion is shimmed about 0. see rear end ratio chart Aug 27, 2019 · The 79 Series' antiquated design and underpinnings are its biggest assets, an ideal platform and a great candidate for modification. wide & rear is 4 in. Smash and grab window tinting on side wind ows. 2-inch rear. 9% OFF Toyota Landcruiser VDJ200 VDJ76 76 79 HDJ100 Rear Diff Bash Plates to protect Front, Diff/Sump and Transmission Combo Suitable For Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Sump Guard Suitable For Toyota Landcruiser 79 Bash Plates to protect Front, Diff/Sump and Transmission Suitable For Toyota Hilux N70 2005 to 2015 Updated as of AUG 2019! Since 2013 many videos about my 79 series Landcruiser (Sleipnir) have been made including 8 different stages of the build, my thoughts & 100,000km review on the 79 series Dual cab and the modifications I have made to it, all due to the many emails, YouTube questions, Instagram and Facebook questions. 120in, 75-series gears can be fitted. Track bar may hit tie rods, front diff cover and/or drag link at full suspension "stuff" of drivers front tire if you have little or no lift. Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Single Cab. Our Mopar, Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth 8-3/4 & Dana 60 rear disc brake conversion kit is built for the performance level you expect from your classic Mopar muscle car. JMACX Brake Booster: JMACX 3" Lift Rear Leaf To Coil Conversion 3900kg GVM Includes Radius Arms: JMACX 3" Lift Rear Leaf To Coil Conversion 4200kg GVM Includes Radius Arms Steel CANOPY for Toyota Land Cruiser 79 series double cab. All of the parts we use in our Bronco disc brake kits are new, high quality brake parts. I know for a fact that the 88 and 89 will work as I have used them both. These girdles not only give your rear end more support, they are also a stylish replacement for the plain O. The petrol engine option was dropped. 2 , 79 series bakkie. Dec 13, 2018 · Vehicle: Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Single Cab. 8 in (EWB) Drivetrain Updates. All models come standard with Ford 9" Signature Series Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit with Ford 5" x 4. Rialto Ave. Limited-slip axles transfer power to both wheels, yet allow the wheels to turn at different speeds when turning corners. Quantity: 4 per Pack. 5" IFS diff '86-95 IFS trucks and 4Runners, and all '93-98 T100s use a 7. 1983 marked he apperance of the iconic A-Team van and also the introduction of the 4-Speed Manual 117M Toyota landcruiser 79 series gxl v8 diesel, 5 speed, factory front and rear diff locks, steel tray with drop sides, tow bar with 50 mm ball, steel bull bar, . All our kits are complete, and include all the parts you need to convert from drums to discs. au. g from a rusted 60 series)? I don't think you have to change studs (apart from length) when changing between locked and non locked diff in an 80, but of course it could be different for a 100. It is not May 03, 2018 · The 75-79 Nova uses the same rear as these older Camaros, I believe. Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Brake Components for your Chevrolet Truck. Gone is the notchy gear shift, excess backlash, hard to handle high revving truck; transformed into an easy drive 4×4 with significantly reduced engine RPM – hence reduced cabin noise & engine Crown Automotive J3212192 Trac-Loc Case Assembly for 76-86 Jeep CJ Series, SJ & J Series with AMC Model 20 Rear Axle - Includes Internal Gears, Fits All Except 2. Superior weld in coil conversion vsb14 approved 2 inch lift kit w/nitro gas shocks (front and rear) suitable for toyota landcruiser 79 series gen 2 (v $4,803. This price increase covers necessary build increases such as chassis extension reinforcing materials and workmanship, etc. The installation of the kit will a simple bolt on job. Cheers Mick The diff lock actuation method changed to electro-mechanical. JMACX - COIL CONVERSION - JMACX - 79 Series w/4" lift and 35" tyres. -Current model Toyota 79 series Landcruiser (current model) 6×6 IPA#43189 for diff governs our system's drive-power distributed to each rear wheel, directing  TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 78 Series EXPEDITION Provent catch can, ARB front and rear differential lockers, ARB compressor, Ausi shower, Ctek split charge  Toyota 70 Series Landcruiser LED Conversions; High Output Reverse Globe; Switch Button Switch - Front Diff Short Toyota Push Button Switch - Rear Diff Short Toyota Sunshine ☀️ #79series #stediaustralia #arb #beach #water #35s . 8 based Mustang to a coil over set up in the factory shock location. Land Cruiser 79. au Report Ad Disc Brakes, Rear, Pro Series, Drilled Rotors, 4-Piston Calipers, 12-Bolt Chevy Passenger, Kit ( 2 ) Part Number: WIL-140-9315-DR More Detail This differential does however bolt into the MGA rear axle. Select your LandCruiser Model VDJ79 Single Cab Chassis, VDJ79 Dual Cab Chassis, VDJ 78 Troop Carrier, VDJ76 Wagon 5 Door. 42 being the most common from behind the 2. aam 1150 series gm 11. Joined: Mar 26, 2010 Member: #34006 Messages: 19,338 Gender: Male First Name: Mike Roaming the PNW Vehicle: The RedHead 2002 XtraCab TRD 4x4 v6 Auto Trans With Lots of Mods King Extended Travel COs Camburg Uniball UCAs Whiteline Lower Control Arm Bushings Kartek 7" Limit Straps Custom Alcan Springs +800 lbs +3" ADS 10" Stroke Triple Bypass w/Resi Rear Shocks Custom Rear Shock Relocate All-Pro Tandem Rear Drive Axles Our tandem axles are built to handle the heavy loads while helping to reduce maintenance and operating costs. 1101 W. Special aftermarket thin-flange 3. 26 Oct 2016 Yes, while I'm still a bit dirty about that rear diff, I am quite happy that the LandCruiser hasn't gone that that big open-cut mine in the sky, with his  2 Jun 2018 Toyota 200 Series LandCruiser Sahara v Toyota 79 Series LandCruiser GXL with manually locking front hubs to convert it to full-time four-wheel drive. Classic Industries offers Chevrolet Truck Conversion Kits, Chevrolet Truck Drum Brake Kits, Chevrolet Truck Drum to Disc - Front, Chevrolet Truck Drum to Disc - Rear, and Chevrolet Truck Four Wheel Disc. Strange Engineering Ring and Pinion Gear Ratio Calculator. 79 Series Landcruiser Driving Accessories. According (apparently ) to Mid-Fifty, keep 1,3,5,7 and the main leaf. I used the top half of a 76 rear panel, lights, bumper ( including carrier ) and tank. aam 976 series gm 9. 1/83. 5" Bolt Now Only $652. 62. 1975-79 Nova. 73 Gear Ratio Item: 52409. JB9527 or Toyota 47201-60690 • 80 series front brake lines 90947-02A16 Best Rear Disc Conversion for Sterling Axle You would use 96 E-350 rotors and 72-79 Chevy 3/4ton calipers. This Diff addresses the issue where the Rear wheels don’t track with the front diff in the VDJ V8 Landcruiser and is much stronger than the standard diff with increased size of the entire diff including the Centre (e-locker and Crown Wheel & Pinion), housing MDT Tru Tracker – Complete Rear Track Correction System suitable for the V8 J70 Series Toyota Landcruiser The Tru Tracker system is designed and engineered to be fully compliant with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs). you can verify a 'j' model by looking at the model id #. Choose Options. Pickup available from Seven Hills. Add me to the combo list please. Description: Convert your leaf sprung Landcruiser 79 Series to a more compliant ride and better handling both on and offroad with one of our Superior Engineering Coil Conversion Kits. 80 & 105 series Super Strong Housings. LIFT:4inch. Mon to Fri - 8. Good condition with sliding windows and lockable rear door. Tom's Bronco Parts offers a complete line of Front & Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kits for 66-77 Ford Broncos. 11 x 12% + = 4. The front and rear wheel hubs and bearings are standard items as found in the 70 Series Toyota LandCruisers. Professional packaging and after-sale support by our “hands on” technicians creates an unbeatable value. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of conversions completed, you can rest assured that your 4×4 is in safe hands. 5″ rearend design that the 78-newer Malibu/Monte Carlo/regal/cutlass etc used, but it’s quite a bit wider. 9 gear sets: fyi, the 3. 16 new 2008~2009 FX4 Off Road (only when equipped with the "XR8" option - Torsen diff/31-spline/4. Jul 30, 2004 · are the various avenues for lowering the rear suspension that I have found; Remove every second leaf from the rear springs (removing a total of 3 leaves). 5L diesel which would run through 1995. 51" 37 spline ***I was thinking of the rear axle, that is the diff to have up front, though it probably wont be high pinion. Year * Depending on your location (state) you may have the option of purchasing the kit and performing the conversion as a DIY kit. XJ6 – 79-88 (Series III) Girling Callipers 1/2″ Rotors 6×6 AUSTRALIA Toyota Dual-cab 79 series Landcruiser 6×6 cab-chassis conversion For a heavyweight version of our 6×6, the general formula we use is 10% price increase. Leave a Reply. Dwiz Diff Housings manufactures Full Width Super strong rear 76/78/79 Series Landcruiser Housing. This track bar bracket restores the factory handling and correct roll center for a lifted JK. Suzuki Jimny Super Strong Front Housing. This thing is bullet proof, but breaking the stock rear cover is almost unheard of. 11 Landcruiser 70 Oct 03, 2017 · Rocket’s 79 Series started out life as your standard run-of-the-mill GXL 79 Series back when he bought it new in 2014. 4 Oct 2019 Eg Landcruiser 79. 5-inch 10-bolt is very similar in appearance to the weaker 8. all the common kits use the E-series rotor anyway Hilux Diff Disc Brake Conversion Plate(s) Toyota Altezza Rear Diff Assy Wheel Bearing Hub Seal suitable for Hilux Landcruiser 60 75 78 79 80 105 Series $9. 50" 35 Spline Rear TorqueWorm LSD Limited Slip Differential BMW 3 Series E46 Ultimate CV Axles and drive line components for a wide range of OEM and custom applications. 23 Mount Erin Rd, Blair Athol NSW 2560, Australia 02 9607 2299 The Right Stuff Rear Disc Brake Conversions are made from the highest quality components and materials available. Name. 3" Lift Rear Leaf To Coil Conversion 4200kg GVM Includes Radius Arms: 3" Lift Rear Leaf To Coil Conversion 4495kg GVM Includes Radius Arms: 4" KIngs Lift Rear Leaf To Coil Conversion 3900kg GVM Includes Radius Arms: Track Correction - Leaf Spring Kit / Diff Housing & Axle Package (100mm Wider) LC79 LHD Petrol Remap & 3" Exhaust Apr 17, 2012 · The rear axle bolt flange on the third-generation Camaro rear axles is the same as the older 10- and 12-bolt GM rear axlehousings, so these calipers will bolt on virtually any '64 and later 10- or Now it does focus its conversions on the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series and the Hilux. Reply ↓. The stronger 78 series succeeded the 75. 08 or 3. com $537. Strongest Landcruiser 79 series -Diff Housing in the world! Full Float Axles and Drive flanges Dana 60 Axles: Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series rear axles replacement solution for your 70 series Our latest addition here at All Four x 4 Spares is one of those premium products that will dramatically increase offroad performance in a vehicle. 00" o. x 0. 00 Superior panhard rod suitable for toyota prado 150/fj cruiser adjustable rear VDJ LandCruiser 70 Series - Dana 60 Rear Axle Diff Conversion. 5-inch slotted and cross-drilled rotors with single-piston cast Updated as of AUG 2019! Since 2013 many videos about my 79 series Landcruiser (Sleipnir) have been made including 8 different stages of the build, my thoughts & 100,000km review on the 79 series Dual cab and the modifications I have made to it, all due to the many emails, YouTube questions, Instagram and Facebook questions. Creative Conversions. 78-79 Series Land Cruiser - Toyota Shoe 80 105 76 78 79 6cyl Series With Disc Rear. Stock number: 41201V8CONVKR. (3. Give us This product is currently offered in Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series and 200 Series. gumtree. 2 tonne. i know its not in nsw but my mate has got a 79 series ute in qld and he just had it coil converted with a 100series diff and a frame put in the rear. 5 rearend uses an oval cover and the housing has two small cast-in protrusions near two of the bottom cover bolts. According to Moore, the best way to identify an 8. Landcruiser rear coil conversion. This Product is our Heavy Duty Diff Upgrade for 70 Series VDJ V8 Landcruiser With Leaf Rear Suspension. 2012-2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Automatic (NAG1 5-Speed Transmission) 9-Inch Direct Bolt-in Rear Conversion Kit -includes Axles and Driveshaft $5,564. There are two options to correct this: #1 different offset rims on the front and rear, 0 offset on the front with a -55 offset on the rear will fix the problem. DR Light Kit (2x XRAY 220 HID Pencil & 1200mm QUAD OPTIC) 2nd Spare Wheel & Tyre: PERFORMANCE. Since the beginning, a constant flow of new, unique and innovative products has made our line what it is today Corsa For 15-20 Dodge Challenger 3. Also solve for RPM, Tire Size and MPH. 3" Lift Rear Leaf To Coil Conversion 4200kg GVM Includes Radius Arms: 3" Lift Rear Leaf To Coil Conversion 4495kg GVM Includes Radius Arms: 4" KIngs Lift Rear Leaf To Coil Conversion 3900kg GVM Includes Radius Arms: Track Correction - Leaf Spring Kit / Diff Housing & Axle Package (100mm Wider) LC79 LHD Petrol Remap & 3" Exhaust Apr 17, 2012 · The rear axle bolt flange on the third-generation Camaro rear axles is the same as the older 10- and 12-bolt GM rear axlehousings, so these calipers will bolt on virtually any '64 and later 10- or Oct 29, 2018 · Brand new 16km off the show room floor. Most truck owners who do the body swap use this method and report the difference is virtually unnoticeable on a 2WD truck and not even an issue on a 4WD. The diff ratio required is whatever closest is available to 4. 23, etc. If your stock cover is OK, don't replace it. I installed a traction lok from a '69 mustang and set up with 3:50 gears. GVM:4200. It includes a new rear diff housing that track corrects the rear tyres to the front,  Dwiz Diff Housings manufactures Full Width Super strong rear 76/78/79 Series Landcruiser Housing. COLOUR:TBA. 5”, 8. 5x6" 8-6. 250" wall seamless steel axle tubes Seller: king-hobby (16,940) 99. Peter Baldry from the MGCC Sydney relates that this differeitial is from the 24/80 Wolseley, that the only mod needed is to change the sun gears to take the 1948 - 1953 B Series 1954 - 1956 C Series 1957 - 1960 D Series 1957 - 1971 Power Wagon W series 1961 - 1971 D Series Hot Rod / Street Rod /Accessories Rubber Parts Bumpers & Stops Dust & Air Seals Weather Stripping Tools Used Parts Vehicles for sale This driveshaft only works with a CRV rear differential. May 27, 2019 · In every other country, the 79 series includes a rear pickup style bed, and automatic is also available overseas as well. Price: $39. 5" rear axle / 14 bolt gm 9. Increased axle Strengthened Rear Axle. Toyota upgraded the 75 Series to 78/79 level in 1999 with coil springs at the front end and longer leaves at the back. In 1983 a 6. Jeep Renegade FWD 2015, Sport Front and Rear Lowering Coil Springs with 1. AFTERMARKET REAR FULL FLOAT 5 LUG HUB KIT - Fits 8/99-11/16 FZJ/HDJ/HZJ7# series and FZJ/HZJ105 series with DISC Brakes - Kit consists of: Hub, inner and outer bearings with races, inner and outer seals, hub studs, hub cone and lock washers, hub nuts, and axle gasket - Customer MUST provide VIN & complete Model Numbers to verify fit Mar 13, 2018 · The 7. the stock cover at 16. Rear Track Correction 76,78,79 Series Housing. Wilwood Dynalite Pro Series Rear Axle Kits. This will fit most K and B swapped Integra and Civics chassis with a Hub City rear differential mount kit and or an S1 rear diff mount kit. Obviously the first thing thrown at it was a 6-speed auto conversion, and then pretty much everything he wanted… to make it one of Australia’s toughest and most well known tourers. 6. 4" Rear Drop Height by H&R®. 9 in (LWB) / 79. 8,ALL 28 . Ford 9" S-Series Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Chevrolet Truck parts, including Chevrolet Truck interior parts and soft trim, Chevrolet Truck exterior sheet metal, Chevrolet Truck moldings, Chevrolet Truck emblems, Chevrolet Truck weatherstrip and unique accessories, to nearly every nut and bolt needed for installation. Rear Axle Park Brake Components (1992-2007 8x/10x Series w/Rear Discs) PBHWKLATE : Rear Park Brake Hardware Kit One kit per axle required. 11 217619 Includes Items 28-30 Ratios 4. 0 this motor mount fit 550 type motors /castles creations 1515 / 1717 mamba monster other similar brushless motors. Gone is the notchy gear shift, excess backlash, hard to handle high revving truck; transformed into an easy drive 4×4 with significantly reduced engine RPM – hence reduced cabin noise & engine Get the best deals on Rear Differentials & Parts for S10 when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. 8L V6 with automatic transmission. 00 PM anything to stop you using any old toyota 9. Actual wheel track could be as much as 6" to 8"depending on drum size: 46" to 47" '66 to '77 Bronco 48" to 49" '72 to '75 Datsun pickup '71 Dodge Colt '72 to '73 Mazda 50" to 51" '73 to '76 A-Body Mopar '65 AMC American The E-Series use the locking hubs, brake pads, brake calipers and rotors are from the Ford F-Series. 00 (2) $1,599. 0 4. This is proven in its wide use in racing applications where the rear diffs take a thrashing and require extreme strength & responsiveness. – Bolt-in rear coil conversion and diff Charts showing rear axles offered and gear ratios. This option works best on a70 series tray back Ute. 5" rear axle / salisbury / 12 bolt. If you want to speak to one of our diff specialists give us a call 3353 5541 For More Information on the New Dana 60 LandCruiser 70 Series Rear Axel Diff Converions CLICK HERE R200 2 BOLT S14/S15/R33/R34 Rear Solid diff bushings. aam 950 series gm 9. An LSD equipped truck will be the same but an e-locker truck will have some extra wires to disconnect and make sure the locker is engaged before you disconnect everything or it won't come out of the Find disc brake kits from the leaders in stopping performance, including Wilwood Disc Brakes, SSBC, Right Stuff Detailing, Ford Racing, Baer Disc Brake Systems, Strange, Aerospace Components, and more! Get disc brake conversion kits for both the front and rear of your vehicle from the top names in braking systems. 73:1 gears designed for the four-series case also work. Theres a ton of aftermarket avail also. &nbs 46-73 Pontiac Front and rear disc conversion w/ booster master: 60-76 Dodge Front and rear disc Brake Conversion: 50-73 Plymouth Full Front and Rear Disc Brake Converions: $1,649. Other than that, it is pretty much a bolt in. 1 X Flange Diff Rear 29 Spline, 1 x Bearing center portion rear pinion small, 1 X Seal Pinion Flange HZJ79 Bush Kit Front 76-79/80/105 Jaguar's independent rear suspension (IRS) designed by William Heynes, chief engineer has been a common component of a number of Jaguar production cars since 1961, passing through two major changes of configuration up to 2006 and last used in the Jaguar XK8 and Aston Martin DB7. If you're looking for the ultimate upgrade for your 76, 78 or 79 Series LandCruiser then look no further. ADD to CART. 2060662. $1,449. The 82-newer Camaros used the small 7. The double adjustable control arms and lower brackets offer easy adjust-ability of instant center locations, ride height corrections, and pinion angle. Shop Rear axle, 7 1/4 inch for your classic 1965-1973 Mustang at NPDLink. $29 • Nissan GQ Patrol Rear rotors DBA622 part number 315mm diameter • '88 / 89 L series Subaru calipers part No. The driveshaft length from flange to flange with the middle joint centered is 79. 1290 which = 12%. this Auction included 4pcs 1 . bearing, found on passenger cars from 1974-79). Crown Automotive J3212192 Trac-Loc Case Assembly for 76-86 Jeep CJ Series, SJ & J Series with AMC Model 20 Rear Axle - Includes Internal Gears, Fits All Except 2. 18 Items . See all the gear from the companies that made it possible. GM X-Body Nova 62-65 Complete 9" Rear End; GM X-Body Nova 66-67 Complete 9" Rear End; GM X-Body Nova 68-74 Complete 9" Rear End; GM Chevy S10 Complete 9" Rearend; GM F body 67-69 Complete 9" Rearend; GM F body 70-81 Complete 9" Rearend-----Exclusive 9" Gear Ratios-----Posi, Gears & Bearing Kit Packages-----Ford. 79. Very few 70 Series LandCruisers you see out in the bush or Front drive shaft will need to be shortened and U-joint at pinion changed to a 1330 joint if you have a 78 bronc (79's had 1330's stock). CruiserParts is pleased to offer the new, used, reconditioned, rebuilt and remanufactured Land Cruiser parts listed in the pages of this online catalog. 5" front diff that is offset to the passenger's side. 90. Front Cover O-Rings; Tension Bolt Seals; Front & Rear Main EGR Rear Disc Conversion Kits for 1/2 Ton Dodge Ram, SRW. Red bottle pictured is loctite. M. The Grand Sport got along fine with an aluminum rear cover. I also converted to disc brakes in the rear. 99 2002-2005 Jdm Subaru Impreza Wrx Ej205 Ej20 Manual Awd Trans 4. It's a much better option for getting the front and rear tracks aligned. 73 $546. 25" front axle / ifs salisbury. SGM - Supplier of Genuine TOYOTA 4x4 wheels. Thanks! Added to Jun 01, 2020 · Jaguar Chevy V8 Conversion Kits and Parts 70-87 XJ6, XJ12, Vanden Plas, XJ6C, XJ12C, and all 76-96 XJS coupe, convertible, and XJSC models . ! We have kits for both SUV,½ , ¾ and 1 Ton HD models. This conversion improves the ride quality of the 79 Series, increases axle articulation and wheel travel while still retaining the Cruiser’s legendary load carrying capacity. 8 Mustang For Top Quality Differential System End New Rear Cover Girdle Girdle New Cover Rear Ford Differential System Quality 8. The upgraded heavy duty diff housing is fabricated 6mm housing with 70 series LandCruisers from 2007 onwards have been delivered from the factory with a rear wheel track 100mm narrower than the front. All of these components are purchased new, direct from Ford or the Ford supplier. JMACX GVM Upgrade 79 Series Diff GVM UPGRADE This can be as simple as a 10% GVM upgrade allowed under QLD Transport Regulation to larger upgrades including stronger rear diff housing and upgraded suspension. Based off of the 1973-79 Ford half ton F100/F150 pickup, the 1978-79 Bronco was a full size sports utility. Some rust visible on roof joints and below left window rubber. 0. 545 gearing. wide. Rims made which fit the Toyota 70 series cruisers are; King Wheels Steel Rims 16*8 -55 offset. With the introduction of the 1993 year model with full floater axles (with disk brakes), the switch was omitted, however the wiring harness is present. diff lockers The rear axle housings are the heavy-duty units build by JMACX, with track correction (for the 70 series) and chrome molly axle splines. Yes, it's basic, but it's rugged and capable, and with its low gearing, low-revving V8 and front and rear diff locks it feels like it would take nothing short of a vertical cliff face for it to meet its match. The JMACX supplies its axles with diff locks included. 20 MFG#: J3212192 Complete Rear-End Bolt-On Rear Disc Brake Kit Conversion, Universal, Fits Ford 9-Inch $75. V8 LandCruiser 1. "Just ASK Bob" Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:00pm ET Sat: CLOSED Sun: CLOSED Dec 08, 2014 · One of the original vehicles to Expedition Overland this 2000 Land Cruiser 100 series is built with a fine balance of utility and functionality while keeping it as reliable as possible. The bolt-on bracket mounts to the rear axle. Powerflex Urethane Track-Series Rear Diff Front Bushings - E46 M3, E85 Z4M Powerflex front diff bushing upgrade for the front of the differential to the subframe. EGR Performance Brakes offers New Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kits. Jeff Performance Online now offers you the option of upgrading the rear brakes of your vehicle to match the front. Then 13. com! Free shipping over $300, fast delivery & everyday low pricing! I'm currently running a 62" wide 1988 Camaro 3. ) go on the 2 series carrier 2. By extending the wheelbase of the vehicle, the rear axle (diff) is moved back and positioned more centrally to the tray. We have Dana 60 disc brake conversion kits for ’67-’85 Fords, ’68-’72 Chevys, ’72 and up Jeeps, ’73-’93 Dodges, and ’94 and up Dodges. Tan colour. A kit is available that fits Tri-Five (1955-'57) Chevrolets with the 8. BMW. it was a mob on the sunshine coast called custom offroad. 29 Apr 2020 JMACX COIL CONVERSION FOR LANDCRUISER canopies to suit their track correction diff housings, coil conversions and GVM upgrades. gm® 8. and with its low gearing, low-revving V8 and front and rear diff locks it  20 Sep 2011 Two lads in a Bobtail Rangie blew their rear diff in a bomb hole. 5 rearend denotes it is usable for any 1978-’88 GM A or G-body intermediate like a Cutlass, Monte Carlo, El Camino, Malibu, Regal, or Grand Prix. aam 925 series gm 9. Rear axles come in two flavors, "open" and "limited-slip. 25” corvette, ‘63-’79, rear diff 209 gm® getrag® 625 c5/c6 corvette, rear diff 211 gm® getrag c6 z06 corvette, rear diff 212 gm® linmar® c7 corvette, rear diff 213 gm® 8. The complete bolt on kit is an easly bolt on kit. Front & Rear conversion kit for Ford F-Series 67-98'or Dodge 72-83', & set of 6 19. 11 Landcruiser 60 = 4. 8 Coil Over Conversion Kit [210483] - This kit includes everything you need to convert your 8. 3” irs (210mm), rear diff 217 gm® oldsmobile® 8. or Best Offer. Kit shown is for 1994-1999 Ram 2500, But we have 5 and 6 lug kits as well. 1987 could have either the NP 229 Type 1 or Type 2 transfer case. Sep 13, 2011 · XJ6 – 69-73 (Series I) Girling Callipers/1/2″ Rotors Ball Bearing Stub Axles 3. 125″fp – sku# 2-2-1399 $ 67. Chevrolet Truck Parts - Drum to Disc - Rear. 79 Series Chassis Extension The 79 series chassis extension for the Toyota LandCruiser is designed for the customer who needs a full size tray for their dual cab ute. 11 128981-NSS Ratios 4. This wishbone is designed to keep the rear housing centered in more info Model: 327486 May 09, 2017 · We’ve finally completed work one of our biggest build’s yet, this beaut single cab 79 Series Landcruiser. Ford 8. Brake Rotors now slip over wheel studs for Faster, Easier Installation! (Some models). The JMACX coil conversion includes a fabricated diff housing and chromoly axles that matches the front axle track. The 79 Series GXL, however, brings with it a level of off-road confidence that eclipses even that of the Sahara. On the standard model, Land Cruiser's 50/50 split  (Fits 80/81 Series Rear With OEM E-Locker) (Fits 9/1975-90 40/55/60/62 Series & 79'-85' Mini Truck) Features Fits 9/1975-1990 4x/5x/6x/7x & 79-85 PU/ 4Runner or earlier model Land Cruisers with factory Toyota disc brake conversions. The JK rear track bar bracket is designed for 3"-6” lifts, and offers multiple mounting locations for correct neutral lateral alignment of the rear axle. 2" Front and 1. 25” ifs clamshell, rear diff 214 gm® 8. The kit includes: Rear air diff lock actuator; Blanking plate; Stone  This Diff addresses the issue where the Rear wheels don't track with the front diff in the VDJ V8 Landcruiser and is much stronger than the standard diff with  Coil Conversion Kit - Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series [Rear] (2016-2017 Model Upper Control Arm Mounts (Diff and Chassis); Lower Control Arm Fixed Pins  If your wagon requires, we can also arrange the dual cab conversion. Price: R 12 050. Installing 94-04 Mustang rear disc brakes onto your stock Ranger rear end is nearly a bolt on affair and very easy to perform. The VDJ LANDCRUISER REAR DIFF UPGRADE is finally here!! 360 is really proud to have worked with Dana to develop this Diff for the VDJ. Toyota Landcruiser 70 GXL, STD, STD Front and Rear Diff Locks, STD, STD JMACX Track Conversion Kit (Matched to GVM Upgrade), $6190. 1970 : non c-lock axles-: Rear of left hand (driver) tube,about 3" from carrier; 1967-1969 : Rear of left hand (driver) tube,about 3" from carrier and stamped on left rear brake drum. GQ & GU Super Strong Front Housing. ) go on the 3 series carrier Complete Rear-End Bolt-On Rear Disc Brake Kit Conversion, Universal, Fits Ford 9-Inch $75. "GET YOUR REAR INTO GEAR" 5 SERIES. aam 1050 series gm 10. This Heavy Duty Housing features a fabricated 6mm high-tensile multi-faceted center housing for optimal strength and durability. 1310 Series 32 spline T-400, 4L80 Superior Weld In Coil Conversion VSB14 Approved 2 Inch Lift Kit w/Remote Reservoir Shocks (Front and Rear) Suitable For Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Gen 2 (VSC Models) 2nd Generation Design! Now supplied with Longer Lower Control Arms for better control of the diff when off-road. JMACX - 60mm swaybar Rear axles come in two flavors, "open" and "limited-slip. 5in Cat-back Dual Rear Exit Re-uses Sto $1,659. 5 inch rear end uses two different carrier series depending on the rear gear ratio: 2. 26" 32 spline leaf sprung GU rear:1. 72 T5. You may expect to find an outline of Australia circling the MOWOG on the casting, indicating that this was made in Australia. Max tyre size is 35" 4200KG - JMACX - Coil springs 4" 4200kg. 99 Add to Cart Dec 16, 2008 · '79-85 Trucks and 4Runners all have 4-cylinder engines and use what most call the 4cyl 8" diff in the front (the same one they use in the rear)- see "4cyl 8" diff" below. Here are some drive train specs for 1973 - 1987 Chevy trucks. 710001 Aluminum Center Diff Mount. Feb 24, 2010 · My truck is a 2001 Petrol so has ATRAC and a completely open rear diff, no e-locker, no LSD. In this example, 088-100A-KIT fits a Land Cruiser built between 1963 and 9/73. The ford 9" might be a decent candidate for a lightweight high pinion front diff as well. $546. The factory brakes, rear diff and locker do fit in these axles. Rear axle widths These dimensions do not include brake drums and are measured from backing plate to backing plate. Add $200 if you prefer rebuilt calipers or cannot find used ones. 29, etc. Can be picked up from Seven Hills or I can. The problem you're going to have is finding a 3. SEDAN 79,80. Not that I need them but I am convinced that I want them, and in the end that is all that matters. E. 1965 - 1966 Mustang Order one today and bolt in a bullet-proof 12 bolt rear end for your 1978-1987 GM G-Body Regal, Malibu, Monte Carlo, etc. 73 and lower ("lower" gears = higher numbers, like 3. 50. This kit can be installed on a stock Dana 35, Dana 44 and the Chrysler 8. The Ford 9 Inch Rear End found on 66-77 Ford Broncos is by far one of the most desirable rear differentials in the industries. I measured it at 61". after the "s130" there will be the letter "j". 99 Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kits Add the safety, reliability & performance of rear disc brakes to your vehicle today! We have products to fit a wide array of classic cars and trucks. In reality it might yield a fraction more as it will soften the Rear Disc Brake Conversion Cable Housng Spacer: New Ford 9" rear axle with trac-lok diff: 1978-79 Bronco Rear Drum 11 x 2 1/4 Pair: New 159321 km; Ute; Manual; 8 cyl ; CHECK OUT THIS KITTED UP TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 79 SERIES WITH 6190 AUTOMATIC CONVERSION!!! Fitted with an ARB bullbar with scrub bars and side steps, winch, LED spotties, lockable canopy with fridge slide and gas cooker, roof cage, awning, solar panel, water tank, air compressor, dual spare wheels, lift kit, exhaust, stainless steel snorkel, front & rear diff REAR SUSPENSION. 08, 3. 50 Regular Price $725. Rialto, CA 92376, USA 909 605 1123. Superior Engineering render of the Bolt In Coil Conversion for the Toyota 79 Series Landcruiser. he did an awsome job and it gets massive flex. com! Free shipping over $300, fast delivery & everyday low pricing! REAR SUSPENSION: The following is a general list of rear ends and their dimensions to help narrow the search for a possible candidate to replace the torque tube rear end or just get a better set of gears for highway driving. Exactly how many were converted is still open for debate, one source quotes 8 vehicles having been converted, however a WO1 involved said that 15 were 24 Diff Brg Cone (RH) 1 102660* 25 Diff Brg Adjuster (LH) 1 21637 26 Diff Brg Cup (LH) 1 15092* 27 Diff Brg Cone (LH) 1 27876* WHEEL DIFF CASE KITS 1 Ratios 3. 25" 10. What is a coil conversion: On a leaf spring vehicle the spring (leaf) also does the locating on the diff as it travels through the suspension cycle. Landcruiser 40 = 4. 20 A forum for 100 Series Landcruiser owners to exchange technical information. The upgraded  LC70 Series 3900 GVM Coil Conversion suspension set-up is its load carrying ability from the REAR PANHARD ( the 5th link ) this allows the rear differential  This kit is designed to suit the VDJ76, VDJ78 & VDJ79 series vehicle but may fit other models. 25 rear axles. 95. Brake upgrades for 1960-1987 Chevy C10, GMC C15 & C20 truck are very popular. Front Suspension Select your rear end housing in either a bare or powdercoated finish and add it to your cart. Park Brake Crank Pivot Bracket (Fits 8/1992-2007 8x/10x Series w/Rear Disc) Front & Rear Seat Covers: EXTERIOR OPTIONS. FAIRMONT,SEDAN,351V8,5. This one weighs 20 lbs vs. 79 series rear diff conversion

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